Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Seamax vs Corsario

Airmax Seamax vs Microleve Corsario. Both are built in Brazil.

Seamax is the faster and cleaner which means better range but Corsario is much cheaper and sells more.

The problem with Corsario is that is is heavier because its wing is too high, probably caused by a larger tail boom.

We may have to wait for the Mk VI version which should look much similar to Seamax and Mermaid in having the wing function as the roof of the cockpit as well. This will allow lighter and roomier amphibious.

A more rigid wing will allow more fuel and less struts which should make it cleaner but cost may rise up. Competition should make it cheaper to own and operate an amphibious ultralight.

1 comment:

thatimkt said...

as far as I know, both, corsario and Seamax was develloped by the same aircraft designer.
After rejected by Microleve, The main idea of a new anphibious was develloped by Miguel, who now owns the Airmax society.
Corsario and seamax belongs to completly different generations and technoligy involved.

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